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RGO Introduction

The Reciprocating Gait Orthosis or RGO is the most frequently used brace for the ambulatory needs of a paralyzed child or adult. There are other types of RGO’s presently in use, the dual-cable and horizontal cable produced by Fillauer, Inc., and others. RGO braces provide excellent walking function as compared to other devices. Hands-free standing and the use of the orthosis counteracts the tendency for hip contractures. With every step, as one leg flexes, the other leg must extend and thereby stretch out the hip contracting structures. Agile patients can be fitted as early as 18 months of age, giving them a better chance for walking and standing and therefore enjoying earlier the physiological, skeletal and psychological benefits of being upright.



  The ISOCENTRIC® RGO is a walking brace for people with little or no control of their lower extremities often due to neuromuscular disorders or injuries. The device is ideally suited for patients with spina bifida, traumatic paraplegia, muscular dystrophy, and osteogenisis imperfecta.

The ISOCENTRIC® RGO offers the following advantages:

  • Efficient ambulation - compared to other RGOs the ISOCENTRIC® is more energy efficient. This saves exertion for people with muscle weakness. Also for patients prone to weight gain the ease of walking encourages more physical activities. The hip muscles that are used for walking are exercised and conditioned as the person walks in the brace.
  • “Hands-free” standing, balance and support - Wearers can have their hands available for activities of function while standing. The brace not only stabilizes the hip, knee and ankle joints but it also balances (positions) the person so they can stand without the use of crutches or walkers.
  • Dynamic “hip stretching” - Many Spina Bifida and people with paraplegia are prone to hip flexion contractures. This tendency is counteracted by the fact that the brace connects the two legs in such a way that flexing of one leg causes extension of the opposite side. It is like getting therapy or stretching with every step a person takes.
  • Steps are achieved by advancing the leg one of three ways.
    1. Use of hip flexor muscles.
    2. Use of lower abdominal muscles.
    3. Use of trunk extension


ISOCENTRIC® Torso Sections



Our ISOCENTRIC® RGO torso sections combine durability and innovation. The pelvic band is made of high strength aluminum. It is designed to be very strong and rigid. After it is shaped, it is welded, not riveted like other systems. This unique pelvic band design, keeps the legs tracking so one does not interfere with the other. This permits easier walking, less gait training time and less energy consumption. Our reciprocal mechanism is the simplest, most durable and of least friction available. The “single lateral side bar” design makes the donning and doffing of the brace a simple, easy and quick operation.
  • Order separately or as complete ISOCENTRIC® RGO (Torso section does not include leg section.)
  • Very durable and friction-free reciprocator.
  • Custom made to cast or measurements.
  • Available in 6 colors of Kydex.
  • Pelvic band available in light or regular duty.
  • Can be made with a detachable body jacket.
  • Unique hip joints - preselected, abduction-hinge and quick disconnect.
  • We offer growth enlargement of the ISOCENTRIC® RGO torso at a fraction of the cost of a new system.





  • Includes torso and leg section.
  • Custom made to cast and measurements.
  • Comes with single lateral side bars.
  • Can be ordered with regular or external AFO’s.
  • Very user friendly.
  • Delivered ready for fitting.
  • Provide casts of torso if spinal deformity is present.
  • Provide cast of legs for fabrication of leg braces.
  • We offer growth enlargement of the ISOCENTRIC® RGO torso at a fraction of the cost of a new system.




  • Includes torso and leg sections delivered ready for fitting.
  • Custom made to cast and measurements.
  • Heavy duty torso section.
  • Extra heavy duty knee joints.
  • Can be ordered with internal or external AFO’s.
  • External AFO’s improve balance greatly.
  • User friendly.
  • Brace pictured with low profile torso section (most patients will need a larger torso section).


Care and Maintenance of ISOCENTRIC® RGO’s


The Center for Orthotics Design is happy to support our orthotics products. If it is not convenient to send the brace in for maintenance it is possible for a qualified orthotist to make some adjustments.

ISOCENTRIC® RGO components are made from high strength aluminum (2024-T4). It is possible to make minor adjustments or bends without annealing or softening of the aluminum. To make major adjustments or bends requires annealing or softening of the aluminum to prevent the aluminum from becoming brittle.

Take the following steps:

  1. Remove all springs and screws from part to be annealed.
  2. Hold the bar horizontally.
  3. Apply some wet soap to the top surface of the area to be bent.
  4. Heat the undersurface of the area with a torch until the soap starts to turn dark brown.
  5. At the very moment the soap starts to turn dark, drop the part quickly into a container of cold water.
  6. Try bending it now, it should feel soft and easy to bend. If it still feels hard repeat the annealing process. Repeat the process as many times as it takes to achieve the desired shape. As you continue bending the aluminum will work harden over time even as the patient continues to use it.

Please contact The Center for Orthotics Design if you need assistance.


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