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The Center for Orthotics Design is home of the ISOCENTRIC® Reciprocating Gait Orthosis, developed by Chief Consultant, Wallace M. Motloch, B.S., C.O. The Center for Orthotics Design (COD), not only provides the original ISOCENTRIC® RGO, it also offers many other top quality orthotic products. The Center for Orthotics Design is committed to improving the lives of your patients through the development of ambulatory technology. We are proud of our history and we are committed to helping patients achieve their goals. If you need our help please call. (800) 346-4746

We understand the diverse needs of patients which is why The Center for Orthotics Design is equipped to produce high quality custom components. We will work with you to create a RGO system based on the needs of your individual patient. We will do our best to fabricate a product to meet your unique situation.

The Center for Orthotics Design supports all types of RGOs. Our expert technicians are fully equipped to perform growth adjustments, enlarge and/or refurbish processes. If you or your patient is experiencing problems with a brace or another component we invite you to call our Customer Service Department at (800) 346-4746.



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